• Illustration #2

    I still can’t decide whether I want these to be tomatoes or strawberries, I was going off of a strawberry plant but I guess either works. Read more

  • Resin Coaster #2

    This one is not on my Etsy but I will probably be putting it up on there soon. I love making these coasters, although resin can be a bit of a pain I like seeing it all come together. Read more

  • Illustration #1

    Read more

  • Bunny Drawing Timelapse

    I’ve decided to try a new form of time-lapse where I take pictures after drawing some things and then use a video editing program to put hem all together, it was really fun and looks a lot more appealing (to me at least). Read more

  • Resin Coasters

    Recently one of my dads coworkers commissioned me to do a set of 6 resin coasters in three different colors: grey, silver, and bronze. I have trouble selling things online so I’m excited whenever I get a commission. This was not one of the coasters commissioned but it is one I found among 4 other… Read more