Write about what you do to stay inspired.

Write about what you do to stay inspired.

I got this writing prompt from this blog: https://medium.com/@BiancaBass/52-writing-prompts-to-inspire-your-next-blog-post-d4556d4f68d8#:~:text=Write%20about%20a%20childhood%20memory,suddenly%20wasn’t%20a%20problem. Thank you Bianca for the idea!

I struggle a lot to stay inspired, but often the most challenging part is motivation and art block. I think every artist has struggled with art block at least once and there is no set way to get over it, but often what I’d recommend is to take a break. I think that a lot of times its your bodies way of telling you “hey, stop doing that, you’re tired.”

Another way to help art block is switching to another medium. Sometimes you’ll have been drawing for months at a time and then suddenly its no longer working with you and you’re struggling to get anything down on paper. I find that switching mediums can help, say instead of drawing you start making crafts or even just switch to painting. Some other things that help me is:

  • Watching YouTube vlogs on drawing or whatever your struggling with
  • Art prompts are a great way to get the creativity flowing
  • Tiktok, Pinterest, and Instagram are always good places to go to for quick ideas

Now onto the motivation part, motivation can be different for anyone, my motivation is to enjoy what I’m doing and to spread that enjoyment with other people. Wanting to share my art helps motivate me to post on social media, I want to inspire others just as other creators inspire me. I often find that figuring out what’s motivating me helps me stay motivated.

So to sum up this writing prompt I do multiple things to stay inspired, whether it be taking a break, going on social media, or using my motivation to help stay inspired.

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